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Zendaya named Woman of the Year, a successful actress shone at the awards ceremony

by Big Step
Zendaya named Woman of the Year, a successful actress shone at the awards ceremony
The young but very successful actress Zendaya has been named Woman of the Year by the prestigious GQ magazine. An intriguing actress justified this title even when she spoke incredibly after receiving the award.
Zendaya started in complete shock: "Woman of the year. It's a little crazy considering I'm only 23 and still trying to figure out how to become a young woman myself. Sometimes I feel like I'm just going, going and going, and I find myself doing a lot However sometimes we give so much to ourselves that we forget to stop and experience moments like this. Sometimes I feel that I do so much to forget about my life and how to really be present in these moments when you can look around appreciate and simply be there at that moment. And just be happy, be alive for a moment. That's exactly what I'm going to do. I'll take a second, look around and be in the 'Hell, this is really happening. said the actress.

She ended her speech with the best advice anyone could ever get: "Please look around at how beautiful everything is. And just enjoy it."

At the GQ Awards, Zendaya also justified her title as one of the best- dressed women in Hollywood. With a white deep skirt and Monot signature short jacket, naturally curly hair and discreet makeup, the actress overshadowed almost everyone around her. Zendaya rounded off her styling with white heels and a decent gold ring and earrings.
by Big Step

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