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Petition to Release Amber Heard from "Aquaman" Launched

by Big Step
Petition to Release Amber Heard from "Aquaman" Launched

Former Amber Hard and Johnny Depp couple are filling the headlines after the ex-wife accused the popular actor of domestic violence, and as it seems, this story will get a whole new twist.
Last week, on January 31, a video was reportedly posted in which Amber Heard confesses to hitting her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, which caused an outcry on social media, Unilad reports.

In the audio clip, the woman, who is presumed to be Amber, discusses with the man she calls Johnny (presumably Johnny Depp), discussing his violent outbursts.

The footage was allegedly made during a number of telephone conversations believed to have taken place in 2015 when the actors attempted to discuss their marital problems.

During recorded phone conversations, a woman who could be Amber admitted to hitting Depp while at the same time denying the violence: "I didn't beat you. Honey, you weren't beaten."

The man, who is believed to be Johnny, then tells her, "Don't tell me what it looks like to be beaten."

Then the woman again denies the situation by saying, "You've been in many fights for a long time. I know that."

In a clip posted by the Daily Mail, she continues:

"You didn't hit your fist, you got a milder punch. I'm sorry, I hit you like this, but I didn't beat you! I didn't knock you down! I just hit you! I don't know what exactly my movement was hands, but you're fine. I didn't hurt you, I didn't beat you up, I hit you… You're such a baby. J *** but grow up, Johnny. "

This footage came four years after Amber filed for divorce in May 2016, accusing Depp of being physically abusive during their 18-month marriage.

The Aquaman star has made her allegations against her ex-husband in a 471-page statement that went public last year. She alleged that Johnny threw his cellphone at her "as hard as he could" and hit her in the face, on the night of May 21, 2016.

She also claimed that Depp grabbed her by the hair, which made her scream asking for help, and that he "broke a lot of glass things by leaving glass on the floor." Depp sharply denied the allegations made by his ex-wife.

Depp filed a $ 50 million lawsuit and said he suffered financial and emotional difficulties caused by his ex-wife's allegations. Among other things, he was fired from filming the Disney franchise "Pirates of the Caribbean."

There were indications that he would be fired from the cast of the Wonder Beast franchise, but he eventually retained his role as Grindelwald after saying: "J.K. (Rowling) saw the evidence and knows I was falsely accused, that's why she supported me."

Now history is threatening to repeat itself, after more than 131,000 people have signed a petition calling for Amber to be fired from the screening of "Aquaman 2".

"As Amber Heard is known for this and her domestic violence has been proven, Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment should fire her with the making of their Aquaman 2 movie," wrote petition founder Jeanne Larson.

Reading the comments below this petition, the general view is this: Johnny Depp's reputation, career, and life were very much destroyed after Amber accused him of domestic violence, so why wouldn't the same thing happen to her now?

However, we do not know anything about this audio recording until the court has reached a final judgment. There are two sides to the story here and, as usual, they are in complete opposition.

Allison Randall, vice president for policy and new issues at the National End-to-End Network on Domestic Violence, said it was important for people to understand the situation a little better before they could be sentenced.

"When we think of violence like this one between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, it's important to consider all the facts, whether one person did most of the abuse, controlled the other, insulted, persecuted, regularly physically assaulted, or something happened once or twice. These are key things in considering domestic violence and relationships, ”she added.

Yet, across all social networks, it can be seen that Heard is characterized as "garbage", "sociopath" and "violent pig" and the word "dismissal" appears almost everywhere.

Thousands want to sign a petition to release her from Aquaman 2, saying she "deserves the same thing" that happened to Depp.

Yet, is this not evidence that history repeats itself? Isn't this a typical example of that we make conclusions before we see any evidence?

So far, no specific evidence has been presented in court about what Amber allegedly did, as was no adequate evidence that Depp committed the violence. That probably won't even happen until the lawsuit is officially launched, in August this year.

Still, we are unlikely to get all the information on the case, but that does not stop people from being judged based on this small part of a four-year relationship.

The only thing we have for now is this audio recording that does not provide any evidence that the two of them are really involved, nor does it provide sufficient evidence to conclude what really happened between Amber and Johnny and what their relationship was.

by Big Step

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