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Meghan Markle has been much happier since leaving the kingdom and England

by Big Step
Meghan Markle has been much happier since leaving the kingdom and England
Although many women think that living on the court is a dream come true and longing to find their prince, it sometimes turns out to be the opposite. A clear example of this is Meghan Markle, who found her fortune only when she left the kingdom and England.
If you've got the impression that Markle is much, much happier since leaving the royal family, you're right, Cosmopolitan writes.

In a statement to one newspaper, a source close to the actress said she was apparently "alive" after announcing that she and Prince Harry were stepping down as senior members of the royal family. According to this source, "a huge change occurred when Meghan returned to Canada (after announcing that she was retiring from royal duties)."

"She can be said to be much less stressed," the source adds.

The statement came shortly after, earlier this week, the media reported that since they decided to leave the royal family, Meghan and Harry had "taken a heavy burden off their backs."

The two said they loved Canada, and a source close to them added: "They enjoy living a peaceful life. They go for long walks, do yoga, and Meghan cooks. They're really real house types who like to play with Archie and the dogs. "

A few weeks ago it was announced that Meghan "feels free and has never been happier." Meghan and Harry seem pleased with their decision to step down from royal duties and live a more normal life. In addition, at a recent event, Prince Harry said he did not regret the decision to leave the royal family.

Clearly, things are working well for now.

However, the two have not yet officially completed their royal duties. They will return to England next month to carry out the "last round of official commitments". After that, they return to their happier life in Vancouver.
by Big Step

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