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Harry and Meghan working with the man who "created" the Kardashians will become a valuable brand

by Big Step
Harry and Meghan working with the man who "created" the Kardashians will become a valuable brand
Although everyone was worried about making money now that they were no longer part of the nobility, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex seemed to be doing well.
The support company, which claims to have "created" the Kardashian, has reportedly been called in to help launch the Harry and Meghan brand, reports.

This company, used by Kim Kardashian, claims to be partnering with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to turn them into a "multi-billion dollar brand."

"Sheeraz is now receiving approval requests from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle," they posted on Instagram from the company, tagging Meghan and Harry's official site and encouraging clients from around the world to submit their "official offers", promising that they would be forwarded "directly to their representatives."

Still, Buckingham Palace claims that hiring this company is "complete falsehood".

Either way, the company kept the original announcement, with owner Sheeraz Hasan in interviews insisting that he work directly with the "Duchess of Sussex's" inner circle.

"Always remember that Meghan was an actress in Hollywood before she became a princess," Hasan wrote in his Twitter statement.

He also told one radio that he had already forwarded bids of up to $ 3.5 million to a team of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, claiming they were ready to "play games." He also stated that Meghan plans to spend the summer in the north, in Los Angeles.

"We're going to make it 100 times bigger than Kim Kardashian, and we're the ones who created Kim," said Hasan, whose clients include Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton.

"I'm telling you, they will become a multi-billion dollar brand. Just watch," he said in a statement to the Kris Fade Show and posted the interview on Instagram.

Whether this is true or not will show time.
by Big Step

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